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Every Estate Is Planned — Either by You or by the IRS

While ultimately not the bad guys, the IRS and other government agencies can certainly benefit from an estate that has not been properly planned for. In order to avoid the costly, lengthy and emotionally devastating process of probate, it is wise to contact our firm today.

The Boca Raton estate planning attorneys at Law offices of Craig Donoff have nearly four decades of experience guiding clients through the process of estate planning and drafting living trusts. These documents largely exist to ensure you have the power of determining who gets what and when after you pass away. Without these documents in place, your estate will likely go through probate which is expensive and time consuming. Contact a lawyer at either of our offices today.

Aventura Probate Attorney

If an individual passes away before he or she can complete the necessary estate planning documents, that individual's estate will likely go through probate. Probate causes several problems, including:

  • It is a time-consuming process.
  • The process is expensive and the state can take up to six percent of the assets as payment.
  • The probate process is public.

Trust administration, in contrast, is a much shorter process. Where probate can last two years or longer, trust administration typically lasts between three and six months. We handle several hundred trust administrations per year. We don't just do estate planning, we also do estate administration. With experience in both ends of the spectrum, we can properly advise our clients on how to protect their assets and avoid probate.

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