Probate Is A Complex Process

Administering an estate through probate is a long and involved process governed by Florida statutes. Probate is expensive and time-consuming. The average length of time to administer an estate is one to two years. Administrators are tasked with a wide variety of duties, from balancing the deceased's checkbook to paying any outstanding taxes and debts. Given the financial complexities involved, it is common for administrators to make costly mistakes.

We can help. For more than 40 years, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Craig Donoff, P.A., have assisted individuals in Boca Raton and throughout southern Florida in their efforts to administer probate. We understand the legal process thoroughly, and work hard to ensure our clients avoid missteps that can derail the process or threaten an estate's assets.

Offering Legal Counsel At Every Step

Administering probate entails a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Identifying and paying off creditors
  • Collecting outstanding payment from debtors
  • Paying outstanding bills to health care providers and credit card companies
  • Filing taxes on behalf of the deceased
  • Collecting the deceased's assets
  • Distributing assets according to the deceased's wishes

The process is complex. Moreover, a mistake at any juncture can lead to a legal dispute. For this very reason, we advise our clients to plan their estates carefully to avoid probate. However, we offer top-quality legal counsel to individuals named as administrators, ensuring they carry out probate efficiently and minimize the likelihood of lawsuits.

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