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Estate planning not impossible for those with signs of dementia

Some people in Florida reach a certain age or state of physical health and figure it is too late to undertake any preparation for the future. This may be especially true if someone is experiencing symptoms of dementia or is prescribed medication that may impair the ability to think clearly. While the ideal is to complete one's estate planning before reaching this stage in life, it is never too late to consider the future or to make arrangements to protect one's wishes and rights.

Medical power of attorney for young singles

Once children go off to college, parents often hope they learn more than what they study in books. For example, Florida parents may anticipate their children figuring out how to do their own laundry, budget their money and manage their responsibilities. What many parents do not realize is that there may come a time when their children will be unable to manage their own medical decisions, and, without a medical power of attorney, they may be at the mercy of the courts in an emergency.

Florida families are still putting off estate planning

It always happens to somebody else, not me. This is what many people think when it comes to winning the lottery. However, based on the fact that only 42 percent of people in Florida and across the country have completed their estate planning, it seems that many also feel this way about tragedies such as catastrophic illness or sudden death.

Estate planning may be crucial for elder orphans

More than 25 percent of seniors in Florida and across the country have no remaining family. They are known as "elder orphans" because they have no spouse or children upon whom they can depend as they grow older and their health declines. Many more may become elder orphans after their spouses die. Estate planning experts say that these individuals should be especially careful to make their wishes known and to prepare for the possibility that they may be unable to make important decisions for themselves at some point.

Financial, medical power of attorney important documents

People in Florida may understandably want to avoid talking about the possibility of becoming incapacitated, as they would rather focus on lighter topics. However, not being prepared for what may happen in life will only cause extra unnecessary stress for family members in the event of incapacitation. A medical power of attorney and a financial power of attorney are both helpful documents to include as part of an estate plan.

Durable power of attorney helpful at end of life

People in Florida understandably may not want to have conversations about end-of-life issues. However, the population is aging today, and medical advances have the potential to prolong life. Thus, these discussions are important and it is wise to hold them sooner rather than later. One document that addresses end-of-life issues and is expedient to add to an estate plan is the durable power of attorney.

Power of attorney important estate planning document

Powers of attorney are legal documents in Florida and other states that enable individuals to grant other individuals or agencies the ability to decide on matters on their behalf -- for instance, in the event of incapacitation. The person granting these powers in a power of attorney, an essential estate planning document, is considered the principal. Meanwhile, the person who receives the powers is known as the agent.

Life planning an important part of estate planning

When people in Florida hear the term estate planning, they often think about death planning, such as the creation of a will or trust. However, life planning is also an important part of estate planning. A few tips may help people to prepare for incapacitation in the future.

Estate planning may be beneficial for Florida parents

It is likely that any Florida parent will worry about his or her children throughout the children's lives. This worry may be more prominent for parents who have children that require specific care or certain other needs. As a result, those parents may face a significant concern when it comes to how their children will be cared for in the event of the parents' deaths. Luckily, estate planning can help.

Estate planning not just for married Florida residents

Some Florida residents may believe that they do not need to create an estate plan because they are single. Parties may think that because they do not have other people that they would like to bequeath items to that creating a will or other similar documents is unnecessary. However, estate planning can benefit individuals no matter what their marital status may be. 

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