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May 2015 Archives

Florida residents may be interested in a living trust

Dealing with estate plans may seem daunting for some Florida residents. If they are uncertain as to what certain documents mean and what proceedings may take place after their passing, it could be vital for them to learn more about the situation. By better understanding the estate planning process and how surviving family may be affected, probate hearings and other obstacles may be avoided by taking certain actions, such as creating a living trust

Florida residents may want to broach estate planning topics

Discussing end-of-life events can be difficult for many Florida residents. However, having these discussions regarding estate planning and long-term care could be beneficial in the long run, despite the momentary discomfort of discussing a loved one's eventual demise. By having these plans in place, parties are better able to ensure that they receive the care that they may need in the way that they had hoped.

Single Florida residents may wish to create a will

When Florida residents think about estate planning, they may believe that it is something that should be done if an individual has a family. However, this idea is not necessarily the case. Though creating estate plans is a prudent step for parents and other individuals with family ties, it is also important for single individuals to create a will and other documents.

Changes in laws may also change estate plans

Individuals in Florida who have prepared a will may not realize that over the last 12 years, there have been changes in various laws that may mean individuals need to update their wills as well. Wills, revocable trusts or documents dealing with end-of-life care, such as health care powers of attorney, may be affected by a HIPAA privacy law passed on April 14, 2003. HIPAA now requires certain language for individuals to be able to act on behalf of others in a medical capacity.

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