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March 2016 Archives

Estate planning may reduce need for court decisions in Florida

When a Florida resident becomes incapacitated, it is likely that person is unable to make and/or carry out decisions on his or her own. If an individual needs outside assistance making decisions, it is possible that a guardian will be appointed. In some cases, a guardian may be appointed by a court to make health and personal-related decisions for the incapacitated individual, but estate planning may negate the need for a court appointment. 

Keeping a will updated may head off complications in Florida

Many Florida residents may have seen moments in movies or television shows in which the reading of a will is depicted. In the majority of those scenes, the individuals hearing the contents of the will often have no idea what it may reveal and appear shocked at what they learn. This moment may work for fiction, but many individuals would likely wish to avoid putting their surviving family through such a situation.

Estate planning steps may help Florida residents feel prepared

There are several aspects to estate planning about which many Florida residents may already feel somewhat knowledgeable. They may know that a will is an essential estate planning tool and that certain steps could help their loved ones avoid probate in the event of a death. However, there are other steps that individuals may want to take that could prove useful to the planning process.

Estate planning could benefit Florida residents of any age

Many Florida residents may think that they only need to prepare for an event when the event is close to taking place. However, some situations happen unexpectedly, such as a serious car accident or other incident that leads to a person being injured. Therefore, individuals of any age may wish to consider estate planning for such events. 

Addressing parent care may be useful in Florida estate planning

While many Florida residents may think that they do not need an estate plan or that theirs is already complete, it is possible that there are areas that they may have overlooked. Due to numerous changes in the way people live and age, estate planning is even more crucial than it has been in the past. As a result, individuals may wish to ensure that their plans cover important areas.

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