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July 2016 Archives

Estate planning helpful for those nearing death

For people in Florida who are nearing the end of their lives, it would be wise to engage in estate planning as soon as possible. Through estate planning, people can avoid unnecessary tax and legal costs on their estates. Planning can also help to provide both them and their families with peace of mind.

Estate planning important when dealing with vacation home

Making plans for one's estate is an activity that is often avoided simply because people prefer not to discuss topics related to death. However, without an estate plan, one's assets in Florida may not end up in the intended hands. One asset that is important to pass down correctly through estate planning is the vacation home.

Americans Don't Know As Much About Money As They Think

Americans are confident in their understanding of finances - too confident, it turns out. A recent study has made plain that, as the country's economy has continued to recover since 2009's recession, the average citizen's financial literacy has decreased.

Estate planning can involve creating a will, trust

Most everybody in Florida and other states has an estate. For instance, young children with custodial accounts in their names have estates, and so do grandchildren who receive valuable pieces of jewelry for their birthdays from their grandparents. This is why estate planning is so important.

Common Mistakes In Blended Family Estate Planning

The blended family is the new prototype of American family. Remarriage-divorce's silver lining-is on the rise and it's become common for individuals to bring children from previous marriages into new ones. Step- and half-siblings abound. Parents parent each other's children. It's all part of the rather happy, if chaotic, game.

A durable power of attorney offers several benefits

People often think a durable power of attorney is important only for an elderly person. In reality, the durable power of attorney is critical for all individuals in Florida and other states. In this document, a person can appoint someone to make decisions for him or her in the event he or she is incapacitated.

5 basic estate planning documents everyone should have

Having an estate plan in place is one of those most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Not only does it establish and define your wishes for what you want to happen to your property and money when you are gone, it also protects your loved ones from having to make some very difficult decisions without your guidance.

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