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January 2017 Archives

When do you need to update your will?

Once you have your estate planning infrastructure in place, it can be tempting to think you have everything covered and to let yourself coast. For the most part, that is what the various documents that go into your plan are designed to do-they give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing those things are handled. At the same time, though, life does not stand still, which is why it is important to know when it is time to make changes to your will and your other estate planning documents.

Probate is complicated by sibling rivalry

Despite their best efforts at estate planning, some parents may create situations which stir up old animosities among their children. While many people hearing of sibling rivalry may think of small children squabbling over toys, those involved in the probate of an estate are often people in their 50s and 60s. Disputes over family assets may go deeper than the possession of material goods, even if brothers and sisters have no history of hostility.

Agent for incapacitated person needs verification before acting

In Florida, if a person's loved one has prepared a durable power of attorney document, it is because he or she intended the person named to act on his or her behalf if the need should arise. Whether the power of attorney is granted for medical decisions, financial administration or both, the agent of that power carries a lot of responsibility. There are certain criteria, however, that must be satisfied after a person becomes incapacitated before a power of attorney can take effect.

Mistakes commonly made during estate planning process

Creating an estate plan is essential for people with both large and small assets. If a person in Florida has something of worth they wish to pass down to another family member or give to charity, estate planning can make this possible. Unfortunately, several mistakes are often made during the estate planning process.

Essential details to understand about living wills

If you are trying to make sure your estate planning is thorough and that you have covered every important contingency, you cannot afford to overlook the advance directive, also known as the living will. These documents allow you to plan out the decisions that need to be made about your care in the event that you are incapacitated, allowing you to be sure your wishes are followed without any ambiguity or fear of miscommunication.

Estate planning important following major life events

A common mistake that people in Florida make when it comes to financial planning is not creating comprehensive estate plans. Sometimes people fail to engage in estate planning because they do not see it as an urgent task amid their other daily responsibilities. However, creating an estate plan and then keeping it updated is important for protecting one's assets long term.

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