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The three documents your child needs to sign at 18

A 18th birthday usually comes with celebration and lots of newfound freedom. In the eyes of the law, this milestone means that your child can make their own financial, medical or legal decisions. It can be a frustrating time as you see your child try out their decision-making skills and make life choices.

If you don't know about 'lack of liquidity' you're already behind

Estate planning can be tricky and often sneaks up during stressful times of family illness, discussions about money, or a loved one getting older. Mistakes are easily avoidable with some careful planning and knowledge of what's in store for you.

Are you in charge of your child's medical emergency at college?

On a normal Monday morning, the phone rings. You almost don't pick it up because you're already late for work. Absentmindedly you say a quick hello while digging for your car key. Brain busy with the huge to-do list you have for that morning, you snap into focus when you hear the terrifying news: your child was found on the floor of their college dorm room and is unresponsive.

How to tell if you need asset protection in your estate planning

If you have been active in your estate planning process, then you probably already understand how trusts can provide you with control over the future use of your funds, even after you pass away. You probably also know how important this can be if you are anticipating financial issues with certain inheritors, such as spendthrift family members. What you might not realize is that there is a big difference between basic trust planning, which allows you increased control, and full asset protection.

How a durable financial power of attorney protects you

Understanding how to get the most out of your estate planning means knowing when and how to employ the right tools to allow for the management of your assets and your affairs under all circumstances. Most people understand this to mean that they should prepare wills and perhaps even a living will to ensure their medical wishes are followed through, but the fact is that it can go much further than that if you have the right tools in place.

Two common issues with estate planning in a second marriage

As more and more Americans enter into multiple marriages, estate planning is becoming more complex for many families. That's because a second marriage introduces new obligations and rights for new people in your life without severing the old ones. As a result, it is easy to wind up in a situation where a small oversight leaves conflicting claims on your estate. If you are looking at the ways your will needs to change to accommodate a new marriage, then consider these two common scenarios and how working with an experienced estate planning attorney can help you to sidestep them.

Thinking beyond the will for complete estate planning

Most people realize that the basic responsibilities of estate planning make a complete and concise will necessary. The fact is, though, that wills are just the beginning. Not only can they be more complex than a simple rundown of who inherits what, but they are just one solution that you can use among many as you make your plans.

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